Union Session May 2017

From Rough Start to Smooth Finish: A Personal Report from Two Delegates

The 2017 Union Session, held from 4-8 May, was our first Session as delegates—and our first time representing Alphen DC. Rumours were rampant, and the first day was rough, but to everyone’s surprise the atmosphere soon turned around completely. By the end of the weekend, we were able to look back on a blessed meeting.

Text by Farida en Jeroen de Jager (Alphen DC)

The job of a Union Session delegate is far from enviable. It takes time—a lot of time. You also run the risk of coming in contact with fellow believers who live quite differently in the faith than yourself, even though you are both technically part of the same church. You need to be brave enough to step outside your comfort zone, and that can get pretty exciting. Verder lezen

Holy Ignorance

In recent years a trend has emerged in politics, in society, and in the church. More and more people have rejected intellectualism, and are turning towards fundamentalism. This is a trend that has seeped deep beneath the skin of our church, threatening to undermine our educational initiatives and institutions. I see this as a big problem.

Text by Dr Tihomir Lazić Verder lezen

‘Our’ University

When we hear the word ‘university’, we usually picture an ancient institution with thousands of students. There are thirteen universities in the Netherlands, with more than a quarter million students spread across the country. In our church, and certainly here in Europe, our influence on higher education can seem limited. We have three Adventist universities, with less than a thousand students overall. Verder lezen

Advent 1 2017

Lees nu Advent 1 van 2017: zorg/voor lichaam en geest. Advent is het ledenblad van de kerk en komt ieder kwartaal uit. Het is een prikkelend blad, vol artikelen die aanzetten tot nadenken en discussie. Lees Advent hieronder of download het via deze link.

De meest recente brief van de voorzitter over Advent vindt u hier.