Weer of geen weer

Weer of geen weer, het is tijd voor @vent 04. En ook dit keer staat het blad weer vol nieuws en info!


‘Ik werk 28/7.’ Een interview met Madelon Comvalius, departementshoofd Jongeren & Gezinnen. Lees over wat haar beweegt en waarom haar geloof ook groeit van haar werk!

Nieuws en meer

We hebben dit keer een blog van eindredacteur Lydia Lijkendijk. Want Advent is ook van jou! Verder vind je meer informatie over de relatiedag, een terugblik op de Kerkproeverij en lees je alles over de ADRA-kerstdozenactie, die weer van start is gegaan.


Laten we Kerk in Beeld niet vergeten. Voor wie van echt van alles op de hoogte wil zijn!





Advent 3, 2017

Het is het Lutherjaar. Hoe ziet onze wereld er 500 jaar na Luther uit? Natuurlijk ook in deze uitgave aandacht voor nieuws uit de wereldkerk en de 28 geloofspunten. Lees Advent online of download het blad.


Five Hundred Years of Luther

Rational thought is a gift from God. Having an opinion and sharing it is one thing, but opinions should be based on knowledge and understanding, as well as powerful faith and love. Martin Luther left behind a great spiritual heritage, which is still valuable today. The call he first gave in 1524 is now more relevant than ever: ‘Let us finally use our minds!’

Text by Professor Rudy Van Moere

On October 31st, it will be exactly five hundred years since theology professor Martin Luther nailed 95 statements to the door of the Wittenberg chapel. In these statements he criticised the terrible conditions and methods of the Roman Catholic church. Luther’s contributions to Western thought are too numerous to fully catalogue. In this theological reflection, I will discuss three dimensions of his faith. These will help us—as Adventists and other Christians—to deepen our own faith: faith and strength; faith and understanding; faith and love. Verder lezen

Adventism and the Reformation

The Reformation was a milestone in Christian history. Adventists embrace Martin Luther as one of the great reformers, but we have only adopted some of his teachings. More than 500 years later we are still not finished with the Reformation.

Text by Pastor Henk van der Kamp

People often ask Jesus: ‘What do I need to do to be given eternal life?’ (See Matthew 19:16 and Luke 10:25, for example.) The emphasis seems to be on the words ‘I’ and ‘do’. Martin Luther applied these texts to himself. ‘Which good works should I do to become acceptable in God’s eyes?’ Or more rigorously: ‘Which meritorious works will motivate a wrathful God to accept me as his child?’ No matter how long Luther looked at his good works, he could find nothing that was good enough. He saw himself as a law-breaker and a sinner. He became distraught. Verder lezen


Following the Union Congress last May, the new members of the Executive Committee have begun their five-year term. We’re excited to introduce them to you over the next few pages. Verder lezen