Trahando na un haltura solitario

Audrey E. Andersson, Secretary, Trans-European Division.

Audrey E. Andersson, Secretary, Trans-European Division.

‘Mi a kaba mi estudio na Newbold College. Mi tabatin un diploma di teologia den mi saku, i mi a hasi algun estudio postdoktoral tambe. Despues mi a bai solisitá pa un trabou komo pastor. A ofresé mi pa kuminsá traha komo obrera bíblika. Den e tempu ei no tabatin diferensia den ser un obrera bíblika i pastor. Ku orguyo di hubentut mi a bisa: “e ta tur kos òf nada.” Mi a bira lomba i kana bai laga un trabou komo obrero pa iglesia. Si mi lo tuma mes un desishon awor aki? Mi no sa. Ma ta esei mi a hasi e tempu ei.’ Verder lezen

Life After Baptism

Most people find a church and then get baptised. Anne den Hollander did things the other way around. Her faith only really started growing after her baptism – only then did she find a church. ‘Baptism wasn’t the end for me. It was the beginning.’ Verder lezen

Bida despues di boutismo

Mayoria hende ta buska un iglesia promé i despues nan ta laga batisá nan mes. Anne den Hollander a hasi kontrali. Ta despues di su boutismo el a kuminsá krese den fe—i a bin haña ademas un iglesia. ‘Mi boutismo no tabata un punto di kulminashon, e tabata hustamente e komienso.’ Verder lezen

Lees Advent 3, 2016

Lees nu Advent 3 van 2016: onbenut/potentieel. Advent is het ledenblad van de kerk en komt ieder kwartaal uit. Het is een prikkelend blad, vol artikelen die aanzetten tot nadenken en discussie. Lees het hieronder of download het via deze link. Scroll naar beneden voor links naar de vertaalde artikelen.

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Our Mother …

There is a joke – already an old one – in which the Pope is sent by his cardinals to meet God, as things are very bad on Planet Earth and advice is needed. The Pope returns in due course, but is unable to utter a word: he appears to be in a state of total shock. The cardinals take care of him and finally, running out of patience, they say: ‘Now tell us, what did you see?’ The Pope opens his mouth and says: ‘She is black!’ Verder lezen