Biba kuriosidat

Ser kaweta ta un karakterístika ku no ta masha apresiá generalmente. E no ta pas den e birtutnan aseptabel pa un kristian. Esei ta lamentabel, pasobra ta nèt kuriosidat ta hiba nos mas aleu den nos bida i den nos kreensia. Biba kuriosidat i bendishoná ta esnan ku ta kaweta! Verder lezen

Gosa Responsabel

Tin biaha bo ta topa hende ku ta pensa ku den tur kos kristiannan mester ta sensio, espesialmente den nan kustumbernan di kome. Pero di bèrdat ta asina? Kiko nos ta lesa di dje den Beibel? Ds. Reinder Bruinsma, ku ta konosí komo un hende ku gusta kuminda sabroso, ta investigá esaki. Verder lezen

‘Taste is key’

A man on a mission, vegetarian butcher Jaap Korteweg is motivated by three things: making quality culinary products, freeing animals from the food chain, and reducing our ecological footprint. These are all things no one can disagree with…if it weren’t for the fact that meat is so tasty. Korteweg’s goal is to show meat lovers that they won’t be missing anything if they leave it all behind. ‘I want to become the world’s greatest butcher.’ Verder lezen

Ode to Curiosity

Curiosity has a bad reputation. It’s certainly not one of the generally accepted Christian virtues, and that’s a shame. Curiosity takes us deeper in our faith, and in life. Long live curiosity, and God bless the curious! Verder lezen

The Good Life

From time to time you meet people who think that Christians should always be frugal, especially in their eating habits. Is that really true? What does the Bible have to say about it? As someone who enjoys a good meal, Pastor Reinder Bruinsma is on the case. Verder lezen